Data Backup/Cloud/File Syncing

Do you know what “The Cloud” is?  Do you just look up and see that it’s partly cloudy?  The cloud is nothing more that data centers, essentially big warehouses filled with racks of computer servers, lots and lots of wires and a really big backup generator.  Every website you visit is in the cloud, so it’s really not that mysterious.  Living in Florida, or many other places, fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and even little squirrels, can wreak havoc on having access to your files and computers.

All of my documents on my computer are backed up in the cloud, all of my bookmarks on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari on my iPhone and Safari on my iPad are all synced together and the same. Do you have trouble keeping track of your notes, reminders, address books and the rest of your digital life? There’s nothing more peaceful than to have instant access and synchronicity with all of your devices.

Also, it’s not easy sharing files with others via email and I’ve found some amazingly easy ways that allow you to collaborate with others and takes away all of the pain of trying to figure out how to manage your work with others.